Weeks 3 and 4 – by Laurance and Naveen

We have been working really hard to do our best work for our Snapshot books.  In writing, we picked our own topic to write about.  We liked that.


Water topic  image

We had an exciting time learning about water.  We found out that all living things need water!  And how it is special to the world. Humans need water.  The plants we eat need water to grow and survive.  The animals we eat also need water.  So, water is very special!

Also, we are learning about the water cycle.  We acted out the water cycle as well in groups.

By Naveen


Science and writing 






I thought bubbles were boring until I saw a video in 2TM’s class yesterday.  I never knew they were so cool.

With 2TM, we did a bubble experiment. We learnt so much about why bubbles pop, and how to stop them from popping. We used wet hands to catch bubbles, and they didn’t pop!  It was awesome.

By Laurance



In maths we learnt more about Multiplication.

I have been learning my times tables from the back of my toilet door at home, so I was  excited to learn more about it at school – Laurance

At school, we have been learning different words and symbols to say times.  Multiplied, times and groups of all mean the same thing – Naveen


2 groups of 6 =12   or   6 groups of 2 =12                                                                                                       You get the same answer if you change it around


                12 groups of 3 = 36                                                                                                                                                                I can count by 3’s so it didn’t take long to work out – Brodie


              7 multiplied by 6                                                                                               I worked it out by counting in fives, because I can skip count by 5’s.  So, I came up with 35, then I had to add the seven 1’s. It was 35 plus 7 which made 42. That was my answer    -Naveen



We started this experiment before level 2 assembly today.  We can’t wait to see what has happened when we get back next week.  We will let you know!



Also, People are celebrating lots of special events this week. Miss Loonstra is getting married, Diwali, Halloween, and Melbourne Cup Day holiday.


Signing off from Laurance and Naveen in 2NL.  Have a great 4 day holiday!







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