Why are the holidays so quick? by Tiffany and Allie

Our tables were all mixed up when we got back to school. We were excited to see who we were sitting next to. We shared our holiday stories with the class, and Mrs Scotti said we could have a ‘Freddo Frog’ after assembly, because we were all listening really well and clapping when people got awards. Usually she just gives out one. The only problem was that we had to wait until Friday to get them!  

In Maths we learnt a lot about the months of the year, and a song which we really liked.  We talked about our favourite season as well. Most of us liked Summer!

In Integrated we are learning about water. Allie and I really want to know…

Why doesn’t the water go away when the sun comes out?

Here are our class questions about water…


This has been Tiffany and Allie reporting from 2NL in the first week of Term 4… and last term of Grade 2




2 thoughts on “Why are the holidays so quick? by Tiffany and Allie

  1. Hi 2NL,

    Great update Allie and Tiffany. I love reading what you have been doing in class. Keep up the good work. I will have to come and visit you all this term and bring in baby Meika.

    See you soon,
    Miss Lamb

  2. Hi Miss Lamb,

    We are soooo excited about meeting your baby. Maybe you could make it your show and tell.

    Tiffany and Allie

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